Youth Programs

Youth Programs​

Motivated and passionate kids (7-14yrs old), Welcome!

All our Youth Programs emphasize player development and offer high-quality training (Friday Futsal), all year-round. Our philosophy is based on 3 pillars – tactical, technical and game (situational and open) play. The objectives are

  • Introduction to the game & rules
  • Both training and game experience (through optional scrimmages)
  • Progressive Opportunities to play at skill level (up or down age group)
  • Opportunities to participate in competitive tournaments.
  • Tactical Development
    • formations, player movement, transitioning & more
  • Technical Development
    • dribbling skill, passing, receiving, shooting, & more

New To Galaxy Futsal SJ?

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Different programs at Galaxy Futsal SJ

Program Expectations: Players that participate are new to the game (2016 or younger) or have little experience (Open Registrations – space permitting)

Introduction to the game & rules
Introduction to dribbling, passing, shooting
Several short-sided games
1 v 1, 2 v 2, etc.
4 v 4 full field games
Running activities​
Improvement in motor skills & social skills

Futsal Fridays (Everyone)
Program Expectations: Most Players are 2015 and above at intermediate skill level. Targeted for players new to futsal but are playing club soccer. Opportunity to participate in local tournaments (Open Registrations -space permitting)

Introduction to the game & rules
Improve on technical (dribbling, receiving and passing) and athletic skills.
Introduction to tactical aspects of futsal.
Several short-sided games and periodic scrimmages internal and (as schedule permits) with local futsal clubs (optional )
Improvement in motor skills & social skills

Galaxy Academy
Program Expectations: Subset of the Futsal Fridays cohort with 2-3 yrs of Futsal experience and ready for a more competitive and challenging environment. Participate in regional (USF/USYF) tournaments. (by selection only)

Same as Friday Futsal – keep sessions competitive for all players.

Galaxy Select
Program Expectations: Coming Soon

A new avenue to provide elite kids fully vested in Futsal a proper developmental pathway

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